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Fox Advancement can help you sustain your fundraising efforts by strengthening and expanding the skills of your board. Our expertise and tools will help to further develop your board to be successful fundraisers for your organization.


It is a tremendous asset to any organization to have an active board of directors involved in the fundraising function. Most professional fundraisers will tell you that before boards get involved in fundraising, they must first be involved in the mission and governance of the organization. It is important to remember that fundraising is a means to an end, and therefore we must involve our board members in the ends if we are to secure willing help on the means. Here are a few ways that we work to get your board more informed and involved:

  • Ensuring a solid foundation for board investment through evaluation of strategic plans, bylaws, and board descriptions to help define fundraising roles, responsibilities, and capabilities

  • Broadening an understanding and personal commitment to best practices in fundraising fundamentals including identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship, through board training opportunities

  • Clarification of each board member’s organizational story including why they joined the board, its mission in their own words, and benefits it provides to the community, through board member interviews

  • Identification of key learning needs of the board to develop content for workshops and seminars


Unlike other board duties and responsibilities in which deliberation and discussion lead to decisions to guide the organization, fundraising duties require active participation by board members in three areas – leadership, personal action, and advocacy. A summary of board and board member duties within these responsibilities can be used as a guide to performance evaluation for board members in this area.