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It is a tremendous asset to any organization to have an active board of directors involved in the fundraising function. Most professional fundraisers will tell you that before boards get involved in fundraising, they must first be involved in the mission and governance of the organization. It is important to remember that fundraising is a means to an end, and therefore we must involve our board members in the ends if we are to secure willing help on the means.


Fox Advancement will conduct a thorough assessment of your fundraising systems to address the following questions:

  1. What are the strengths and additional needs of the existing fundraising programs?

  2. What is needed to support a major fundraising effort?

  3. What additional capacities or assets from the community can be leveraged to assist with a potential fundraising effort?

The Vision Impact Alignment work is organized into four primary phases: Engagement Preparation, Synthesis, Market Testing, and Conclusions and Recommendations. 


Fox Advancement will work with your organization to develop a concise and compelling case statement. This case for support will articulate your long-range plans and will garner the interest of major donors and key stakeholders. Fox Advancement will also work to develop a prioritized set of individuals, foundations and businesses with the interest andcapacity to lead and/or make a significant investment. Our firm will conduct a thorough assessment of potential donors’ interest and willingness to invest in.


Fox's team of consultations will work with you to implement a powerful campaign feasibility study plan, including:

  1. A prioritized set of individuals, foundations, and businesses with the  interest and capacity to lead and/or  make a significant investment in your organization's plans for the future.

  2. A thorough assessment of potential donor interest and willingness to invest in the vision.

  3. A recommended campaign fundraising goal and strategy


We are a full-service campaign fundraising firm capable of developing and executing all aspects of a successful campaign effort. We tailor our campaign strategy and services to meet the individual needs of each client. We propose organizing the Campaign Management scope of work into three phases: Campaign Planning, Campaign Quiet Phase, and Campaign Public Phase.

We understand not all organizations are the same, that's why we don't like the one size fits all mentality. We will work with you to ensure your organization gets the attention and services needed. If you would like to discuss how we can help with your fundraising goals and strategies, message us today.