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The feasibility study process is much more than uncovering a fundraising goal. It's about donors’ interest and willingness to invest in your organization's  vision, then building a tailored strategy to implement in a major campaign effort. A typical feasibility study process has four main phases: Feasibility Study PlanningTestingConclusions and Recommendations, and Campaign Implementation.

Step One: Feasibility Study Planning:
Fox Advancement recommends forming a Feasibility Study Task Force consisting of eight to ten members to
oversee the feasibility study process. One of the initial activities of the Feasibility Study Task Force is to review an internal assessment of the organization. Fox Advancement will work with your organization and the Task Force to address the following questions:

  1. What are the strengths and needs of the existing communication and fundraising programs, including annual fund, major gifts and donor database systems?

  2. What is needed to build a development operation capable of supporting a major fundraising campaign?

  3. What additional capacities or assets from the community can be leveraged to assist with a potential campaign fundraising effort?


Step Two: Testing
The Testing Phase of the feasibility study process is designed to evaluate the interest and capability of potential donors to support the proposed campaign goals refined from the case development or vision impact alignment process. Confidential information gathered during the Testing Phase is essential to defining campaign fundraising goals and strategies. Fox Advancement will conduct personal interviews with a minimum of 30 to 35 selected
prospective donors and key institutional stakeholders, as mutually agreed upon by Fox Advancement and your organization.

Mail and online surveys can be effective tools to gather additional input from a broad base of
potential donors and constituents. Surveys also provide an excellent opportunity to educate stakeholders about plans for the future, including donors and stakeholders who were not able to participate in an interview. 

Environmental Analysis
Since economic conditions and competition for support from other causes can affect a campaign’s success, we will examine economic and philanthropic trends in the region. We will also identify other campaigns and fundraising efforts that may pose as opportunities or challenges to a potential campaign. Findings will be summarized into a written report and presented alongside final conclusions and recommendations.


Step Three: Conclusions and Recommendations
Based on the findings of the feasibility study, Fox Advancement will present specific recommendations regarding the following:

  1. An updated feasible fundraising goal.

  2. Prospective institutional (corporate, foundation, and government) and individual donors and campaign leaders with the interest and ability to lead and support a major fundraising campaign.

  3. Updates to the case for support.

  4. Campaign structure, timeline, and organizational resources necessary for implementation.

  5. A detailed work plan to immediately begin cultivating prospective donors, campaign leaders, and key stakeholders as well as prepare your organization to embark on a major fundraising campaign.


Step Four: Campaign Implementation
Following the feasibility study and pending the decision to proceed with a major fundraising effort, Fox Advancement will present a proposal for the coordination and management of a major fundraising campaign. We tailor our campaign strategy and services to meet the individual needs of each client. To Learn more about our campaign management services, visit the Campaign Management page


The feasibility study is a crucial step for any organization considering a major fundraising campaign. While we recommend these four steps for a feasibility study, we understand each organization is unique. Fox Advancement will work with you and your organization to find the best solution.


If you would like to learn more about the feasibility study process, or other services Fox Advancement has to offer, contact us today.