In a Meeting


Client Leadership

The lead campaign consultant directs campaign visioning, feasibility studies, and campaign implementation for nonprofits in the health, housing, human services, and conservation sectors. At a high level, these processes involve the following: 

  • Visioning: Lead the client in developing their case for support and campaign budget. 

  • Feasibility study: Confirm a realistic campaign goal through interviews with key donors and stakeholders. 

  • Campaign implementation: Serve as the primary project manager for the campaign, ensuring activities happen on time and with integrity. Provide expert fundraising counsel to nonprofit executives and campaign volunteers.

Client Consulting and Deliverables

  • Provide senior-level consulting for capital campaigns with an organization of at least a $5M operating budget

  • Communicate with clients clearly and consistently, serving as an expert guide for the capital campaign process 

  • Conduct interviews with high-net-worth individuals with poise, professionalism, and integrity

  • Provide campaign education and major gifts solicitation training, when applicable, to Board of Directors members and campaign volunteers

  • Develop campaign leadership and volunteer engagement plans

  • Provide strategy and research to assist staff and volunteers in soliciting 6-7 figure gifts

  • Prepare progress and final reports of campaign results with follow-up action plans

Business Development

Participates in final stages of sales pipeline with clients who are close to signing a contract, collaborates with Managing Partner to develop a comprehensive scope of work; builds trusting relationships with key members in the philanthropic community and nonprofit leadership; and, represents Fox Advancement at client meetings. 



  • Minimum 10 years experience in overseeing capital campaigns  

  • Well-versed in using Google Drive to manage documents and collaborative communication 

  • Strong interpersonal and meeting facilitation skills, including managing Zoom calls  

  • Independent work style 

  • Experience working in a remote environment 

  • Strong project management skills 

  • Ability to respond to email and/or communication in a timely manner (min. 24 hours) 






Bold, People Who   

  • Are courageous advocates and ambassadors for clients 

  • Tirelessly seek solutions

  • Speak up against inequitable behavior or practices 

  • Offer sound advice even when it may be unpopular 


Authentic People Who  

  • Are genuine ("what you see is what you get”)

  • Are accountable for personal actions 

  • Are vulnerable - you’re not perfect - progress not perfection

  • Fulfill commitments made to clients, partners, and colleagues

Humble, People Who 

  • Are down to earth 

  • Command a room with modesty and grace 

  • Ask curious questions (“Help me understand…” “I’d like to learn more…”) 

  • Embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow


  • Administrative support 

  • Lead generation and new business proposal development

  • Contract submission

  • Access to the Fox prospect research databases

  • Access to a network of seasoned Fox Team professionals for strategy development

  • Ability to go after larger clients that require a large firm approach to capital campaign work

  • Full marketing support

  • Proven campaign process and results

  • Support writing and presenting reports