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As a Grant Consultant with Fox Advancement, you will be responsible for managing all aspects of  grant writing and client management, including: 

Grant Writing


  • Writing and editing compelling applications and coordinating each grant application from start to finish. This includes creating log-in credentials into the grant portal, pulling application questions into a word/google document, developing application checklists and timelines, assembling questions for clients that aid in the development of grant applications, compiling grant attachments and other relevant research to support written content.

  • Obtaining required supporting documentation and attachments, such as budgets, logic models, work plans, letters of support, resolutions from local government entities if required, and completing the required forms in collaboration with the primary contact from Client.

  • Packaging all proposal deliverables for submission and providing support and guidance to Client during the submission process and providing multiple drafts for Client to review and provide feedback.


Strategy and Project Management 


  • Providing an estimated level of effort and number of hours required to complete each grant to the Client prior to beginning work. Obtaining approval to begin the application process. 

  • Providing expertise related to the requirements of each RFP and setting expectations with the client around the planning and scoping of work before grant submission and facilitating and scheduling project meetings with subject matter experts that are within the scope of the project. 

  • Engaging in regular Client check-ins, correspondence, via zoom (or other platform preferred by the client) or phone calls as needed, throughout the grant development process and sending appropriate follow-up documentation after check-ins identifying action steps. 

  • Scheduling and facilitating calls or meetings with program officers/staff to confirm alignment with guidelines, inform grant applications, and/or coordinate site visits.

  • Providing client’s staff with briefs, talking points, and other materials as needed to prepare staff for donor solicitation visits.


Ongoing Grants Calendar Management


  • In coordination with Client’s leadership team, manage the Client’s grants calendar to track cultivation efforts, donor priorities and alignment, grant deadlines, grant submissions, and report requirements.


Prospect Research
(upon client request and compensated above and beyond grant writing services)

  • Review the clients mission, vision, work and priorities, conduct interviews with staff and subject matter experts to gather organizational information and project information. 

  • Conduct prospect research via Fox Advancements industry standard and trusted resources. Analyze and cross reference prospect switch Client’s current grant funders. 

  • Synthesize prospects into a prospect matrix that includes key funder information. 

  • Thoroughly analyze the Client's organization documents and conduct an environmental scan of internal and external factors that leverage the Client’s strengths that support grant writing efforts and growth opportunities. 

  • Present a final report with recommended next steps.    


Business Development


  • Participate in final stages of the sale of grant services with clients who are close to signing a contract, collaborate with Grants Operations to develop a scope of work; build trusting relationships with key members in the philanthropic community and nonprofit leadership; and, represent Fox Advancement at client meetings.



  • Minimum five years experience in grant writing 

  • Experience using Google Drive to manage documents and collaborative communication 

  • Strong interpersonal and meeting facilitation skills, including managing Zoom calls  

  • Independent work style 

  • Experience working remotely 

  • Strong project management skills 

  • Ability to respond to email and/or communication in a timely manner (within 24 hours) 


Preferred: GPC and GPA member



  • 100% remote working environment 

  • Competitive compensation 

  • Diverse thought leadership from colleagues in all areas of fundraising and back-end support that champions results 

  • An extended professional network from around the country 

  • Ongoing team development activities to mindshare challenging issues and innovate new solutions 

  • Ongoing access to diverse projects and a flexible environment, so you have  time to pursue your own business’s growth 

  • Free access to systems and administrative support so you can focus on fully investing your energy into client engagements 



Fox Advancement is the most integrated fundraising consulting firm in the Midwest region that offers robust expertise in grants.

We partner with consultants to create, innovate, and communicate customized fundraising solutions that marry best practices with innovative tactics. 

When you choose to consult with Fox Advancement, you can rest assured you are joining a community of experts. 

We identify the very best grants consultants around the nation. We are looking for bold, authentic and humble leaders to join our team of consultants.