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Fox Advancement will conduct a thorough assessment of your fundraising systems to address the following questions:

  1. What are the strengths and additional needs of the existing fundraising programs?

  2. What is needed to support a major fundraising effort?

  3. What additional capacities or assets from the community can be leveraged to assist with a potential fundraising effort?

The Vision Impact Alignment work is organized into four primary phases: Engagement Preparation, Synthesis, Market Testing, and Conclusions and Recommendations. 

Phase One: Engagement Preparation

At the onset of the project, Fox Advancement will meet with key members of your organization to confirm project goals and timeline. We recommend weekly check-in meetings with these key members to review and update project activities, deliverables, and progress. Fox Advancement will also present research for a needs assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to capture a complete picture of the region’s fundraising environment, needs of clientele and populations served by your organization, the organization’s operational strengths and opportunities for future impact, the competitive environment that exists, and innovative approaches being explored both locally and nationally.


Phase Two: Synthesis

Fox Advancement will work with your organization to recruit and organize a Vision-Impact Alignment Task Force. The Task Force will oversee and contribute to the development of the Vision-Impact Statement and plan. Members will also ensure consensus and ownership for the vision, impact and plan for growth among internal leaders, corporations, foundations and key community leaders. Fox Advancement will facilitate at least four (4) planning sessions with members of the Task Force to refine impact goals, define strategic objectives and actions, and set key outputs and outcomes. Throughout this phase, we will create a strategic plan design that will be continuously updated.


Phase Three: Market Testing

Building on the work of Task Force, we will conduct a Market Analysis to identify and evaluate the funding potential linked to the Vision-Impact statement, goals, and strategic direction. We will gather primary and secondary data through interviews with potential funders and research, and will present a written report to project leaders. By aligning the strategic directions with specific funding goals and potential revenue streams, we will create a powerful case for organizational growth that will garner the interest and support of new investors and donors—setting the stage for future major fundraising campaign.


Phase Four: Conclusions and Recommendations

Fox Advancement will present specific recommendations regarding the following:


  1. A well-defined, yet malleable, Vision-Impact Statement and Case for Support

  2. Prospective institutional (corporate, foundation, and government) and major gift donors and fundraising leaders with the interest and ability to lead and support a major fundraising campaign

  3. Fundraising structure, timeline, and organizational resources necessary for implementation

  4. A detailed work plan to immediately begin cultivating prospective donors, fundraising leaders, and key stakeholders, and prepare your organization to embark on a major fundraising effort.

The VIA process will not only help you define a Vision-Impact Statement and Case Statement, it will guide your organization into a feasibility study and help determine if the organization is ready or needs a major fundraising campaign. To learn more about the VIA process, or other services Fox Advancement has to offer, contact us today.