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Vision Impact Alignment (VIA) is Fox Advancement’s first step in bringing  your organization’s fundraising to the next level and includes:

  • Detailed analysis of your development strategies with recommendations to increase your impact, especially now amid the pandemic

  • Assessment of your organization’s internal and external resource development challenges and how to address them

  • Analysis of current environmental stressors in your sector or geographic area

  • Identification of top prospects interested in supporting your vision

  • 10-year budget projections

  • Comparison of your organization’s fundraising and revenue capacity with peer organizations 

  • A set of impact goals to vet with stakeholders

Through this robust process, your organization will identify a concise, overarching impact goal, and key investment pillars of support, based on stakeholder feedback. Vision Impact Alignment can help you calculate risk and opportunity for a variety of circumstances ranging from a fundraising campaign, to a merger, to programmatic scale-up.  Vision Impact Alignment engages leadership and stakeholders in a strategic process, ensuring alignment as you head into your future fundraising efforts. Vision Impact Alignment is your insurance policy, demonstrating you’ve done the necessary work to make informed decisions around your organization’s future. We offer free consultations at: (612) 255-7087.