In a Meeting


The Vision Impact Alignment process answers critical questions for nonprofit organizations, including:

  • What is the 5-year vision?

  • What are the measurable impacts that will be achieved through the vision?

  • What will it cost?

  • What are the specific action steps needed to achieve the vision?


To answer these questions, Fox Advancement gathers data through a variety of sources, including a series of interviews with staff and organizational stakeholders, a survey to solicit feedback from those unable to participate in interviews, and a focus group with staff to identify fundraising strengths and opportunities.

Fox Advancement delivers the following through the Vision Impact Alignment process:

  • Assembly of a Task Force of 4-6 organizational stakeholders to oversee the process (Fox Advancement prepares all meeting materials and facilitates three meetings: kick-off, interim report review, and final report review)

  • 15 one-on-one interviews with a consultant from Fox Advancement, along with an online survey distributed to additional stakeholders

  • An analysis of the current fundraising capabilities and the opportunities for growth (called a “development assessment”), determined through a focus group with staff

  • 5-year budget projections, accounting for the day-to-day organizational operations and the investments needed to achieve the vision

  • A two-page summary that underscores your organization’s unique value proposition

  • Interim and final reports delivered to the Task Force; the interim highlights themes from the first half of interviews, while the final provides a succinct impact statement, key organizational priorities over the next 5 years, and recommended next steps