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Vision Impact




Start your campaign off with confidence.

Congratulations, you are ready to embark on a Captial Campaign. This is an exciting time for your organization. Fox Advancement has been helping nonprofits across the United States actualize their vision for the future by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients during the process. We are proud to serve as your partners and navigators as you bring your vision to life.

We’ve built a process that helps to envision, test, and implement your campaign. This includes the following:

  • Vision Impact Alignment (VIA): Codifying your vision and testing that it is both achievable and supported. 
  • Feasibility Study: Jumping off after your VIA is complete, we test a fundraising goal with prospective individual donors, corporations, and foundations.
  • Campaign Implementation: Once a realistic fundraising goal has been confirmed through the feasibility study, it’s time to get to work! Fox Advancement can guide the strategy and key activities of your campaign, ensuring activities happen on time and with integrity.

Typical VIA Deliverables

What does this process look like, and what are some of the outcomes I might expect?

  • We'll start off by assembling and leading a focused task force made up of several stakeholders. We then plan out a roadmap to gather the information necessary to develop a comprehensive report of your vision, the expected cost of execution so a goal can be set, and an assessment of your readiness to move forward.
  • We are committed to your success. Should we determine you are not ready at this time, we'll provide specific recommendations on how to proceed so that you can undertake the campaign. Assemble and lead a Task Force of 4-6 stakeholders to oversee the process. 
  • Other deliverables include a co-created initial budget that maps out where you are at today, and the required investment to achieve your goals.
  • Readiness testing and recommendations on what supplemental resources you'll need to execute the journey.
  • A final report that includes a summary of all interviews we conducted, the findings of the stakeholder's task force, and a SWOT analysis to include potential challenges and risks.

Ready to learn more about the process and discuss if this is the right first step for your organization? Schedule a call with our team today!