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Client & Consultant Support

Are you currently working with us and need a little help or have a question, our team is here to help.
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Sales Inquiries

Looking for grant writing, campaign, or fractional support? Get in touch with our team.
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Looking for subject matter experts for your story, podcast, or article? We're happy to be a resource to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience does your team have?

On average, our professional staff and consultants have been providing grant and campaign services for over a decade, with some of our most tenured partners providing twenty-five or more years of experience in their specific fields of expertise. 

What's your typical cost for consulting?

Each of our engagements receives a thoughtful quote based on the unique needs and complexity of the work. We also provide services in accordance with state or federal guidelines where appropriate. 

Do you offer other professional services such as legal, lobbying, or taxes?

We've worked hard to keep focused on providing services related to our expertise. While we don't offer supplemental professional services, we are happy to introduce you to trusted partners for other organizational needs. 

Do you guarantee your results?

We are proud that 95% of campaign clients have met or exceeded their goals or grew their individual donor program significantly. While we can't guarantee results, your campaign consultant is able to leverage the entire Fox team to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome.

How can I get a proposal from your firm?

Please take a few minutes to fill out this short form, and our team will follow up with you right away.

Proposal Inquiry

How long have you been in business?

Fox Advancement was founded by Kevin Fox over 25 years ago. We are based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have worked with clients all across the United States. 

Want More Ways To Stay In Touch?

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